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Save Money. Improve Retention. Empower your Employees.

• Branch works directly with Datapass
• N
o additional work
• No cost or hidden fees


• Access to wages on day 1 of employment
• No overdraft fees or minimum balance
• Free ATM access within the Allpoint Network.

Read more about Branch + Datapass here.

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Quicker Pay - with no Payroll Changes.
  • Same-Day, Contactless Pay
    • Pay wages via the Branch Wallet without pre-funding, cash reserves, or payroll changes
  • Fast, Simple Setup
    • Skip the heavy-lifting — Branch simplifies the set-up process to get started in days.
  • Automated, Real-Time Updates
    • Branch works with Datapass to power real-time data to ensure the most accurate summary of hours worked
  • Reduced Churn
    • Retain employees by giving them the tools they need to increase financial stability

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