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Create your next-level payments solution with Branch

Deliver fast, flexible payments with our free suite of tools. Whether you’re paying W-2 employees or 1099 contractors, Branch is here to help.

With Branch, you can:

  • Deliver instant pay to your workforce
  • Attract more applicants with the perks of faster pay
  • Boost retention rates and build loyalty
  • Ditch long pay cycles and cash flow monitoring
  • Change lives without changing payroll
  • Save time and money with one streamlined platform

"Cutting the pay cycle from 120 days to 2 hours is a game changer for our drivers. They can plan their financial well-being with knowledge and certainty. They can grow a fleet to two, three, five trucks. Giving them that financial stability is super important and extremely empowering."

Lior Ron, Head of Uber Freight

Join over 500+ organizations accelerating payments to Working Americans:


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