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Create your next-level payments solution with Branch

Deliver fast, flexible payments with our free suite of tools. Whether you’re paying W-2 employees or 1099 contractors, Branch is here to help.

With Branch, you can:

  • Deliver instant pay to your workforce
  • Attract more applicants with the perks of faster pay
  • Boost retention rates and build loyalty
  • Ditch long pay cycles and cash flow monitoring
  • Change lives without changing payroll
  • Save time and money with one streamlined platform

"It was an easy transition for them to say ‘absolutely I’ll get rid of this other card—I want to come to Branch."

Mary Lazzaroni
VP of Human Resources @ Manna Hospitality Group

Join over 500+ organizations accelerating payments to Working Americans:


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We pride ourselves on being flexible, free, and fast. Talk to our team to learn how you can pay your employees faster with Branch.