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Ways You Can Use Branch

1. Pay Your Employees Instantly
2. Make Tips and Mileage Reimbursement Easier
3. Provide a Risk Free Banking Experience
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much work is Branch for our payroll team?
Branch works seamlessly with most payroll systems, adding an additional 15-20 minutes to your payroll process each pay period to process deductions and remit payment.
What can I expect for adoption percentages?
We typically see 15-20% of employees take advantage of the service each pay period. We see 30-50% adoption of EWA and close to 90% in terms of activating the app itself.
How long does it take to get started once we want to kickoff?
A typical implementation takes 4-6 weeks, but we can move as fast as you’d like.
How does Branch make money if you are free?

Branch is free for both employers and employees to set up and use because we’ve aligned our business model with the interest of the users.

We don’t charge employers OR employees for using our solutions, because we don’t want to monetize emergencies or keep employees locked into a punitive cycle of low savings. But this occasionally does make people wonder how we pay our own team. :)

We built Branch to align with the interests of our users — both employers and their workers. We’re able to do this because of something called an interchange fee, which is one of the “merchant fees” that vendors, store owners, and other businesses pay to be able to accept credit cards.

Isn't instant pay the same as a payday loan?
Instant pay is not a loan or an advance on future earnings. While payday loans allow individuals to borrow money from a third-party, flexible pay allows employees to access wages from the hours they’ve already worked.
Does my company front the money?
Branch fully funds all advanced wages. No escrow or pre-funding is required.
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Director of Operations for the New River Valley Domino’s Franchisees

"Our biggest reason for going with Branch was the lack of fees. I looked at a lot of different pay card type solutions, and there are some ridiculous fees. If you breathe on your card, there's a fee, and we don't feel that that's fair to our team members."

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