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Improve Retention, Boost Patient Care with Faster Pay 



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By implementing faster payment solutions, home healthcare providers can reduce absenteeism, enhance engagement, and improve the patient experience. Offering faster payments can also help you recruit the next generation of caregivers, a key factor in meeting the rising demand for care in the years to come.

From home aids to skilled registered nurses, Branch's free instant payout solutions can help your entire home health organization with:

  • Same-day payouts for 1099 or W2 workers
  • Earned wage access (EWA)
  • Per diems, stipends, bonuses, and more

Win over talent with instant payouts ↓

Reduce no-shows to under 5%

Source: Branch Case Studies  |  Staff Health

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Home healthcare companies win with:  

  • Saved time, effort, and costs
  • Decreased absenteeism and turnover
  • Streamlined payments process
  • Easy onboarding + implementation
  • A meaningful benefit—at no cost to you or your workers

Hear what our customers are saying...

Anthony Miller
Director of Operations, StaffHealth

"Same-day pay has been the #1 tool in reducing the level of no-call, no-shows we experience… Branch has certainly saved us's just a good experience the whole way around."

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By implementing Branch, StaffHealth has reduced absenteeism, boosted retention, and provided an experience that keeps clinicians coming back to pick up shifts each month. 


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Help your healthcare heroes thrive

Witness the power of instant, digital payouts with Branch.