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May 20-23 | Booth #6973

The #1 way to pay restaurant workers

Branch works with restaurants to modernize their tip payments, boost worker satisfaction, and ditch the hassle of cash & checks. With our suit of payment tools, you're able to eliminate the headaches of cash, save time managing payouts, and boost operational efficiency. Book a meeting to learn more about what our zero-cost solution can do for you.

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How Does Branch Work?

1. Download

Workers download the Branch app to access their digital wallets & activate their Branch Cards.

2. Get Paid

Managers leverage our PayAdmin dashboard to oversee payroll and instantly push funds to workers.

3. Spend

Workers use their digital wallets or Branch Cards for everyday transactions and earn CashBack rewards.

Pay-tential that could be yours



Delight your workers with a seamless digital banking experience, while making the lives of admins easier with our PayAdmin portal.


Effortless deployment

Quickly launch a best-in-class payments program with Branch's effortless setup and expert customer success teams.



Enabling a rewarding payday with Branch comes at no cost to you or your employees.

Employers love us...

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"As people increasingly used digital forms of payment, paying out with cash became much more difficult—using Branch has alleviated our concerns "

Hal Wes McCoy
Owner, RMC Franchise

Bring out the best of your workforce


Employers that advertise Branch in their job posting have seen 2.5x more applicants, and a 60% increase in shift coverage.

Branch, Bartaco Case Study


Retailers can save up to 500 labor hours a month, per store, by automating their cash handling processes.

IHL, Cash Multipliers Report


Of Americans have stopped using cash in favor of digital payments for their typical weekly purchases—nearly double 2015 numbers.

Pew Research

500+ organizations use Branch to motivate their workers


Ready to get started?

Skyrocket engagement with instant payments, free digital banking, and other perks.